Are you here to learn
about my divine benefactor? 

Or perhaps it is a blessing you seek?  I am sorry to inform you that chaos answers to no one.  Plus, I am kind of on the run at the moment… I do not need to advertise my exact location to any Gods that might be listening.

Maybe you are here to browse my curiosities? 

I take requests if there is a particular idea that tickles your fancy.  Keep the requests tasteful my little heretics.


If you are here to correct my supposed misquote of sacred texts or ancient words, allow me to show you one of my many doors .  

When I woke up, I was surrounded by the soulless bodies of my village.  Pale faces with empty eyes.  DID YOU KNOW IT CAN TAKE SEVERAL DAYS FOR A SOULLESS BODY TO DIE?


Curious TO KNOW what happens to vash next?

Whether you worship one God or acknowledge no God!  Feel free to browse D&D resources which include plot hooks, character development ideas, and backstory examples.  You will probably also stumble across past and current adventures experienced by Chaotic Cleric!

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