Andi Skinscribb, Painter and Tattoo Artist

Race:  Forest Gnome

Age:  Unknown

Alignment:  Lawful Neutral

Dwelling:  Small home with modest accommodations on the outskirts of the city, right along the forest edge.  Relics and rarities can be found thrown about on various shelves along with herbs, pigments, hides, bones, and other various tools.  Woodland creatures come and go, tasked with bringing smaller ingredients from the forest to Andi.  


Notable NPC

Andi abandoned their gnome clan in their adolescence, choosing the name Skinscribb while developing the art of tattooing.  Andi’s tattoos are unique in both color and power.  Great care is taken when mixing pigments as Andi can imbue magic in each design etched into the skin.  Similar to an artificer’s use of tools to channel arcane power, Andi’s tools allow them to scribe sigils of power.  

Self-taught, deciphering their magic abilities is extremely challenging.  Travelers that happen across Andi’s porch will find an old painter.  Andi rarely offers to tattoo those that have not specifically sought this service.

Those that seek Andi’s services undergo scrutiny to determine if worthy of Andi’s gift.  If Andi deems you worthy, Andi determines what charm or blessing is granted.  Those that try to threaten Andi to gain services are either banished to another plane or cursed by the fresh ink scribed across the skin.  All customers are required to prove their worth by collecting uncommon and/or rare herbs needed to complete Andi’s magic.  This can be dangerous (intentionally so) and extremely pricy (in either gold or trade). 




Personality Trait:  Adventurers be warned!  Collect the ingredients requested and pay the fee without complaint as a curse can be placed as easily as a blessing.

Ideal:  Andi’s respect is earned; respect from others is demanded.

Bond:  Andi’s tools and art is sacred and not to be threatened.

Flaw:  Once respect has been lost, it is impossible to earn back.



sigils of power examples

The Fighter:  Gain a +2 bonus on initiative rolls.

The Dancer:  Gain +2 to DEX.

The Nurturer:  Gain advantage on Medicine checks and ability to cast Spare the Dying (PHB 277) once a day.

The Merchant:  Gain advantage on CHA checks related to negotiating prices or deals.

The Leader:  Gain the ability to grant a Hit Die to a friendly creature as a bonus action.  The creature gains temporary hit points equal to the Hit Die roll.  Effect cannot be used if all Hit Die are expended for the day.

The Traveler:  Gain resistance to either fire or cold damage.  

The Seer:  Gain immunity to the Blinded (PHB 290) condition.  

*For more ideas, check out Rune Magic in the Kobold Press volume Deep Magic 5e (Dillon, Lee, and Harris).*